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01/01/2020 00:00:00 (GMT+8)

About Bitcoin

Why Choose Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the digital currency that everyone’s talking about and its revolution icing how we trade and spend money. There are a few reasons to use Bitcoin at Infiniwin. It’s fast, secure and holds no transaction fees associated with traditional payment methods.

There’s plenty of advantages to using Bitcoin.

  • Take advantage of free Bitcoin withdrawals and get your money even faster
  • Bitcoin’s Technology make this digital currency secure.
  • It’s convenient - anyone can send Bitcoin, anywhere, anytime
  • It’s decentralized - there are no banks, government agencies or third parties involved you control your own funds.

Now Launched: Infiniwin Bitcoin & Tether (USDT) Casino

The popularity of cryptocurrencies lately have enabled the rise of crypto casinos all over the globe. One of the few commonly used cryptocoins are Bitcoin and Tether (USDT). The term “crypto casino” simply refers to any online casino or sports betting agency that accepts cryptocurrencies either in preference or in addition to fiat currency.

As a premium gambling site, Infiniwin is constantly on the lookout for improvements to provide you with the best online gambling experience. Which is why we have launched our very own cryptocurrency casino which accepts both Bitcoin and Tether (USDT)!

Your safety and privacy is our top priority. Infiniwin’s cryptocurrency casino enables you to enjoy all the features as a typical land or online slot would provide, but with the extra protection of ensuring your anonymity as no personal bank account information is needed. We strive to keep you safe from malicious attacks through the security of the cryptocurrency technology.

Say you’re facing an issue with our casino? Fret not, be it technical difficulties or enquiries, our outstanding 24/7 support team is here to assist you.

At Infiniwin cryptocurrency casino, you have total control over your own funds. Given the fact that Bitcoin and Tether is not facilitated by any central authorities such as banks or government agencies, Infiniwin cryptocurrency casino is decentralized.

The online digital nature also allows you to transfer your coins whenever and wherever you are. The less time you have to spend on coin transfers, the more time you get to spend on gambling!

The launch of our Bitcoin and Tether casino offers you a whole new gambling experience for you while you enjoy various games such as live casino and online slots, with outstanding bonuses and optimum security.

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